Reputation Management

Because the internet has completely changed the way medical practices attract and retain new patients, there is a good chance they’ve already formed an opinion about your practice based on your online reviews.

As a health provider, your online reputation is essential in order to build credibility, trust and long-term relationships with your patients.

Our Reputation Management Service is a combination of techniques and strategies that are meant to improve your professional’s online presence and to tackle in a positive way, the negative reviews or bad press coverage that might threaten your medical practice’s success.


Physician Branding

Reputation Management

You have worked hard to position yourself as a great doctor and as someone who is respected and trusted among your patients. Without even realizing, you have already created your physician branding. But in order to reach out to potentially new patients and retain the ones you already have, you need to have a plan in place to distinguish yourself from other physicians and show them why you are better suited to meet their needs and expectations.

Let us be part of your team and together we can grow and improve your online presence and create a long term digital engagement with your patients.


Patient Advocacy

Do you know what is the biggest asset in your practice?
Your patients! and by maximizing your patient’s experience you will be adding value to your practice while increasing your patient retention. One of the most important steps in a patient advocacy plan is to ensure that your office staff is thoroughly trained in all aspects of customer service and having an effective communication plan in place to establish a positive patient-practice connection.

We have the tools and expertise to help you implement a successful plan that will improve your patient’s experience based on an effective communication system.

Reputation Management


Review Platform Management

Reputation Management

Did you know that most patients already meet you before you meet them? Thanks to the internet, they are already forming opinions about you and your practice.

As patients are constantly searching for reviews online, the importance of having a strategic plan to create and maintain a good reputation has become a necessity. An online reputation management system is the most efficient way to monitor and respond to your patient’s reviews.

Let us be part of your team, we will constantly be monitoring your patient’s reviews and promoting positive experiences through our online review’s platform software.